Who Falls Asleep Faster Right After Sex?


Married men and women report they were equally likely to be the first one to fall asleep after having sex. Find out why to help create more couple intimacy, many are choosing to sleep in separate bedrooms.


Why Do We Have Pubic Hair?


I’m not sure if you know the answer for this, but it’s a question that has puzzled me for quite some time. Why do humans have pubes? I mean what is the purpose behind pubic hair?


Creating a Sexy Environment


Where the attention goes, the energy flows.  If you want more energy in the bedroom, then you must put some attention into it. Here are a few simple Dos and Don’ts to help you create your very own love nest.


Try These Ten Sex Positions


If you are getting bored with doing it ‘missionary’ or ‘doggy-style’ here are ten other sex positions that will keep you busy (and happy) for months to 'cum'.


Bound: An Erotic Story


Alicia and Marie had moved in with their boss and lover, although they'd so far managed to keep the arrangement secret from everyone else at the office. When Alicia gets to the house, she discovers an intruder who wants to steal more than just the household goods.


Three Pink Boxes: An Erotic Story


The morning Melinda found a pink box on her doorstep, she guessed it was a gift from Mr. Carr...who was her boss. Yes, there were times when she longed for him to grab her, slam her against the filing cabinet and rip off her blouse...but you didn’t have sex with your boss.