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Sexy Time

Here's how to keep your sexy playtime hot.


Five Ways to Talk Dirty


For some people, spicing it up with a little dirty talk has the ability to amp up an already seriously piquant sex-perience. To help find the confidence to either whisper something naughty in their ear or growl a little some kind of sexy here are five key tips to how to get down and get dirty talking.


Sexual Fantasy and Role Play


Fantasy and role play is an excellent way to bring adventure into ho-hum sex routine. Here are seven tips bringing it up with your partner, three sexual fantasy myths. Find out common sexual fantasies and role playing safety tips.


Sex Up Your Winter


Evolutionary researchers believe that our ancestor’s hibernating patterns may be to blame for a drop in libido alongside the mercury, but that’s no reason to trade in your hot sex. Here are some sex positions as well watch video on how to do the Yab Yummy.


Top Nine Female Sexual Fantasies


Fantasy is an essential part of women's sexuality but for some reason too many women are almost paralyzed by them and what they may mean about us. To help break this taboo, here is a list of women's top nine sexual fantasies.


Five Ways to Get Revved Up For Sex


Looking for ways to get in the mood for sex? Here are five fantastic (and easy) ways to get yourself revved up for sex. Also find out why some women don't enjoy the sexual experience.


Five Reasons Women Should Masturbate


There are people who need a reason to engage in solo pleasure. If you are one of the women (or men) who need a reason to close the door and enjoy some deeply intimate personal time, here are five reasons.


How To Do A Mini-Striptease


Doing a sexy striptease for your partner is empowering for you and makes them feel incredibly special. Watch this video to learn a basic routine you can do in the comfort of your living room.


Orgasm During a Workout?


Until recently, Exercise-Induced Orgasms were thought to be old wives tales or figments of people’s imaginations. Not any more. Plus find out seven health benefits to orgasm.