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Talk Dirty to Me


Talking dirty during sex can be a lot of fun and what most people need to get good at it is practice. So it’s usually the lack of practice that makes people nervous and embarrassed.


Create the Best Morning Ever


Want to start your day thinking it's the best morning ever? Here's a few suggestions.


Seven Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life


Where sexual excitement and sexual arousal are concerned there is always the element of choice. Here are seven ways couples can a deal with bedroom boredom.


Blow Her Mind Sexy Foreplay


Want to get her all hot and primed for an orgasm that tingles all over? Then take a page out of the ancient sex text, The Kama Sutra, and blow oh-so-gentle kisses her way until she’s begging for more.


Create More Sexual Anticipation


You've probably heard that our brain is our biggest sex organ. Sexual desire--the thoughts you have about sex before, during and after--can have a profound impact on the quality (and perhaps quantity) of your sexual experience.


French Women's Obsession


Have you ever wondered why French women are so sexy and have that 'je ne sais quoi' appeal? Here's why.


Cheap and Cheesy Sex Night


We all need a good laugh and a little bit of fun in our routine-rut lives. Here's an easy way to add some zip to a regular evening that will bring a smile to your lips for months to come.


The Pinch 'n Groove Sex Move


You may already be a seasoned pro between the sheets but even an old dog can learn a few new tricks. Dr. Jess shares one of her favourite sex moves, the 'Pinch 'N Groove' which has received rave reviews from her clients.


Sensually Erotic Sex Tips: Part 3


Here are two fabulous foreplay techniques: one for her and one for him. Plus video shows sex tips, tools and techniques on how to give a sensual massage.


How Parents Can Be Sexually Adventurous


Even though sex after baby (or kids) can be tricky, parents can be sexually adventurous. Here are some excellent ideas for parents who want to spice up their sex life.


Top Five Ways Women Can Desire Sex


Many women are plagued with a low female sexual desire. Luckily, here are five easy ways to for her to feel sexually satisfied and also ways she can spice up her sex life.


Is Bisexuality Simply a Trend?


A recent shift has made bisexuality--specifically among women--trendy. Adolescent and young adult women hook-up to gain the attention of men. Plus, find out the myths and facts about being a bisexual.


Are Open Relationships More Acceptable?


As society becomes more liberal is it reasonable to expect a romantic partner to remain monogamous? Find out more about open relationship and whether it is more acceptable by society.


Five New Ways to Do Missionary Sex


The missionary sex position is prized for its level of intimacy. Now you can add extra zest and try these five exciting sex positions; plus watch a video on how to do 'the drill' sex position.


Sensually Erotic Sex Tips


You cannot give your partner enough sexual touch. Here are sensually erotic sex tips for you to try to put a bit of sizzle back into your sex life.


Introducing BDSM into Lovemaking


Are you interested in trying BDSM but aren't sure how to introduce it to your partner? Here are sex excellent tips and to take those first BDSM steps.


Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?


Find out why some foods are considered aphrodisiacs and good for healthy sexual function. As well a list of five aphrodisiac foods.


How to Give Him The Best Hand Job


Here are the hand job basics as well as five sure fire techniques that will leave him aching for more of you.


How To Talk To Your Partner About Unconventional Desires


Before talking with your partner about your more unorthodox desires, you need to clarify exactly what you want from the conversation. Here are three tips to start, as well how to bring up the conversation.


How Drugs Effect Your Sexual Experience


Different substances can affect the way you operate in sexual situations and may make you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Here are a few substances, legal and controlled, and their sexual side effects.


Ten Steamy Sex Tips


It's time to make your relationship sizzle. Here are ten steamy sex tips to heat things up in the bedroom, plus five places women love to be touched.


Man Needs A Lot of Oral Stimulation


My boyfriend takes forever to come when I am giving him oral sex. I really like this man but I do not feel like I can please him. Any suggestions?


Managing Sexually Awkward Moments


We have all experienced an awkward moment during sex. You move to take your shirt off, or your pants, or your body makes a funny noise. Instead of avoiding them, people need to begin embracing these awkward sex moments.


What Sex Dreams Reveal


Our sex dream meanings sometimes reveal surprising things: the sex dreams you have during pregnancy, about ex, or with someone you know. It's like a secret garden where the gates are unlocked and thrown open, revealing pent-up feelings, thoughts and attitudes.